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aнглійська мова Калініна ГДЗ 5 клас

Lesson 1. What makes a family?


I. Conversation Warm-up


Please, meet your international friends, Ann and Steve. Look at their family photos and name their family members.

Example: This is Ann's family. These are her parents ... .



This is Ann's family. These are her parents and little brother. This is Steve's family. These are his parents and little sister.


III. Grammar Smart


Look and recall!


Play a grammar football game.

Example: A: son → O → Bisons



Grammar football game.
a mother - mothers; daughter - daughters: an uncle - uncles; lather - lathers; a relative - relatives; a grandmother - grandmothers; sister - sisters; a cousin - cousins; a grandfather - grandfathers; a brother - brothers; an aunt - aunts: a family - families.


Conversation Warm-up


a) Change the sentences as in the pattern.
This is a man. That is a woman.
These are men. Those are women.
1. This is a child.
2. That is a white tooth.
3. This is a small foot.
4. That is a big goose.
5. That is a grey mouse.
b) Answer the questions about the picture.
Example: - How many men can you see? - I can see two men.




a) This is a child - These are children. This is a while tooth. - These are white teelh.
This is a small foot. - These are small feet. That is big goose. - Those are big geese.
That is a grey mouse.- Those are grey mice.

b) How many women can you see? - I can see two women.
How many children can you see? - I can see two children.
How many teelh has the baby got? - The baby has got one tooth.

How many geese can you see? - I can see three geese.
How many mice can you see? - I can see three mice.


IV. Word Smart


Study these words and speak about:
a) Your nuclear family.


Example:/ have got a mother and a father. They are my nuclear family.

b) Your extended family.


Example: I have got grandparents on my mother's side.



I have got parents and a sister. They are my nuclear family. I have got grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. They are my extended family.


At Home:


Ask your parents about your relatives and fill in the extended family chart.




I have got three aunts, two uncles, two girl-cousins, three boy-cousins, two grandmothers, one grandfather.


V. Time to Read
№ 1


Read in pairs. Say what relatives the children have.
Steve; Hi, Ann. Where have you been?
Ann: Hello, Steve. I was at my granny's place. My mother's family all got together on my granny's birthday.
Steve: Wow, Ann, that's pretty interesting. Have you got a large family?
Ann: Yes, actually I have. My mother is the oldest of four children. I've got two uncles, an aunt and five cousins on my mother's side. What about you, Steve? Have you got a friendly family?
Steve; Sure. My nuclear family is small, but my extended family members all live in different parts of the country. Unfortunately, I don't see them a lot. We only get together for big holidays. These are our family reunions.
Ann; Have you got any cousins?
Steve: Yes. I've got a boy-cousin on my mother's side and a girl-cousin on my father's side. Please, come to my place next Saturday evening and meet my family.
Ann: It sounds good to me. I'll be glad to come.




What relatives do the children have? Ann has got two uncles, an aunt, live cousins on her mother's side. Steve has got a small nuclear family and a large extended family. He has got a boy-cousin on his mother's side and a girl-cousin on his father's side.


V. Time to Read
№ 2


Complete the sentences.
Example: Ann was at her granny's place.
1. Ann's family is ... .
2. Steve's family is ... .
3. ... on his father's side.
4. ... on his mother's side.
5. ... on his granny's birthday.



1. Ann's family is large.
2. Steve's family is is small.
3. He has got a girl-cousin on his father's side.
4. Steve has got a boy-cousin on his mother's side.
5. Ann's family got together on his granny's birthday.


VI. Time to Communicate
№ 1, 2


Act as Ann and describe her granny's birthday party.

to get together
on my mother's side
a friendly family

Act as Steve and say what members of his extended family come to see him in summer.

a girl-cousin
a boy-cousin
a family reunion



Ann has got a friendly and large family. They got together to celebrate her granny's birthday. Aunts and uncles on her mother's side came. Steve's extended family got together on their family reunion. It was glad to see his boy-cousin and girl-cousin.


VI. Time to Communicate
№ 3


In pairs, talk about your family members as in the pattern.
A: Hi, ... . Where have you been?
B: Hello, ... , I was ... .
A: Wow ... , that's pretty interesting. Have you got...?
B: Yes, actually I have. Most of ... . What about you,
A: Sure. Unfortunately .... We only ....
B: I see.



A: Hi, Jane! Where have you been?
B: Hello, Tim. I was at my grandparents place.
A: Wow Jane! That's pretty interesting. Have you got a large family?
B: Yes, actually I have. Most of all live in our city. What about you,
A: Sure. Unfortunately I don't see them a lot. We get together on family reunions
B: I see.


VII. Time to Write


Fill in your application form.




First Name Ann
Family name Brown
Your mother's full name Elizabeth Brown
Your lather's full name William Brown
Have you got any sisters? No Have you got any brothers? Yes
What other relatives have you got?
Grandparents on mother's side, two aunts, two uncles, one girl-cousin, two boy cousins.

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