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Summer Was Fun!


I. Conversation Warm-up


Look at the pictures and say what activities you had in summer.




I travelled to the Black sea in summer. I played new computer games in summer. I went shopping with my mum in summer. I enjoyed my hobby in summer. I took part in the celebration ol my friend's birthday. I read for pleasure in summer. I enjoyed rollerskating in summer.


III. Grammar Smart


a) Look at the pictures and play a chain game as in the example.

E x a m p l e: A: How did you get to the seaside?
B: By plane. How did you get to the mountains?
C: By train. ...?

b) Ask your friend a choice-question about his/her summer as in the example.
Example: to go to the sea - to go to the mountains → Did you go to the sea or to the mountains?
• to see a film - to read a book;
• to play football - to play computer games;
• to take part in sport competitions - to take part in a concert;
• to swim in the sea - to bathe in the river;
• to buy a new CD - to buy a new computer game.



a) How did you gel to the seaside? - By plane.
How did you get to the mountains? - By Irain.
How did you get to the city centre? - By trolley - bus.
How, did you get to the village house? - By car.
How did you get to the river? - On loot.
How did you get to the suburbs? - by bus.

b) Ask a choice - question.
Did you go to the sea or to Ihe mountains?
Did you see a film or read a book?
Did you taike part in a sport competition or in the concert?
Did you swim in the sea or bathe in the river?
Did yoti buy a new CD or a new computer game?


IV. Time to Read
№ 1 


1. Read what children say about their summer holidays. Say whose holiday you liked most. Why?





Choose whose holidays do you like most and why. I like the holidays of the girl who went to Turkey because I also like travelling, seeing new places and meeting a new people.


IV. Time to Read 
№ 2


Look at the pictures and describe the children's summer holidays.




Describe children's summer holidays. This girl went to Egypt with her family. They went sightseeing, saw Egypt Pyramids and took a lot of photos.
The children went lo the summer campArlek. It is a very beautful place at the Black Sea. They made a lot of friends, played sport met some tamous people. This boy went to Granny's village. He went fishing and swimming and helped his Granny. This girls tayed at her native place'She read a lot-went to the cinema/played computer games. Her aunt and uncle came to see her/ So he showed them her native city.


V. Time to Communicate


Compare the children's summer time with your own. Follow the question plan.
1. Where did you spend your holidays?
2. How did you get there?
3. Who did you go with?
4. What did you see and do during your summer holidays?
5. What made a great impression on you?



I spent my summer holidays at the seaside. I went to Crimea with my family. We got tnere by train. We swam a lot, and saw lots of places of interest. I was really impressed by the mountains. Talk about summer holidays. I say, Ann. you look happy. Where did you go? As lor me I went to the rest camp.
Did you go alone or with your cousin/1 went there with my cousin. And what about you?
I spent summer at the seaside. How did you get there?
A. We went there by car.
B. Did you have a good time?
A. Yes. I enjoyed my holidays very much.


VI. Time to Write


You are going to take part in the writing competition "Summer was Fun". Write a description of your summer time.



Summer was fun.
I and my friend went to the summer camp. It is every beautiful place near the lake. We made a lol ol friends, played learn games, at tended drama studio. In the evenings we usually had discos.


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