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англійська мова Несвіт ГДЗ 5 клас

Lesson 7


№ 2


Read and tick the statements T (True) or F (False), Correct the false statements.
Example: Vyshhorod is situated in the mountains. - F, Vorokhta is situated in the mountains.
1. Both Ann and Peter live in towns.
2. Peter tells Ann about different buildings in his town.
3. Ann lives not far from the capital of Ukraine.
4. There are kitchen gardens and orchards in Vorokhta.
5. There are many blocks of flats in Vorokhta.
6. Both Ann and Peter like to grow flowers.



1) t; 2) f - Peter tells Ann aoout the beautiful nature in his town. 3) t; 4) t; 5) f - There are many private houses in Vorokhta. 6) t.

№ 3


Look through the dialogue of Ex. 1 and complete the table. Add information.





№ 4


Write sentences in your exercise books. What is the difference between a life in a town and in the village?
In towns people live in block of flats. In the village they live in private houses.



1. In towns people buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets. In villages they grow fruit and vegetables in the garaens 2. There are many builoings in towns. There are many gardens ana orchards in villages. 3. There are many cars and buses in towns. There is fresh air in villages. 4. There are cinemas, theatres, hospitals, hotels and many other facilities in towns. There can be no cinemas, theatres, hospitals, hotels and other facilities in villages.

№ 6


Write the answers to the questions given below.
1. Is Dikanka rich in natural, architectural, and historical sights?
2. What is the name of a natural landmark in Dikanka?
3. When do many tourists try to visit Dikanka?
4. What did the girl like about the architectural complex "Evenings On a Farm Near Dikanka"?



1. Yes, Dikanka is rich in natural, architectural and historical sights. 2. The lilac grove is the name of a natural lanomark in Dikanka. 3. Many tourists try to visit Dkanka in summer. 4. The girt liked to feel the life of the real Ukrainian village in the architectural complex "Evenings On a Farm Near Dikanka".

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