англійська мова Несвіт ГДЗ 5 клас

Unit 1 Lesson 4 ex 6



Act out the situation.
You've met a former classmate in the park. Ask each other questions about your friends.



A: Hello. Denys' Nice to meet you!
B: Nice to meet you too, Petro! How are you doing in a new school?
A: Oh, I'm doing well1 My new friends help me a lot.
B: Great! Who are they?
A: They are my classmates, Oleh and Borys. They are my best friend? And who are your best friend?
B: My best frienb is Marko. He is my neighbour.
A: How do we spend time together?
B: We like playing the comouter games and going for a walk in the park. And oo you have common hobbies with your friends?
A: Yes. of course. I like to read as Oleh does. And I also like collecting coins as Borys does. What is your common hobby?
B: We like to travel with Marko.
A: Do you like to speno time with friends better than with family?
B: No. I don't. I like to be with my family as much as with my friends.

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