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Unit 1 Lesson 6 ex 3b




b) Listen and read. Say which picture A or В matches the text.
Dan: My family is very friendly. My parents take care of us. My father works in a bank. He is a manager there. He works from Monday to Friday. Cooking is his hobby. My father sometimes cooks dinners at the weekend. My mum is a shop-assistant. She also takes care about the family. At the weekend she often bakes apple pies or cakes.
My sister and me always help our parents to clean the kitchen and lay the table.
* * *
It is Saturday today. My father is in the kitchen now. He is making spaghetti and he is cooking Ukrainian borshch.
My mother is helping him. She is cutting the vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. I'm doing the washing up.



The picture A matches the text.

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