англійська мова Несвіт ГДЗ 5 клас

Unit 1 Lesson 7 ex 4b



b) Speak in class. Act out the situation.
You visited your father / mother in the place where they work yesterday. Talk about the things you saw / did there.
My father is a veterinarian (a vet). I went to the vet clinic yesterday. My father treated a sick dog. I watched / helped him.



A: Who is your mother?
B: She is an architect. And who are your parents?
A: My father is a programmer and my mother is a dentist. Have you ever been at your mother's workplace?
B: Yes, I visited my mother in her office last month.
A: What did you do there?
B: My mother drew plans of different buildings and made the paper models. I helped her to ma«e a model of one of the buildings. And what about you?
A: My mother helps sick people. I also visited her at workplace. But I didn't help her because it is forbidden.
В: Have you ever been at your father's workplace?
A: Oh, my father works at home. He is a programmer. So I can always see how he works.

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