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Unit 1 Lesson 2 ex 3



Read the paragraphs (A-C) and order them to make a text. Why do you think the Taylors are a happy family?
My Penfriend's Family
The Taylors take care of each other and spend much time
together. They keep their family traditions alive.
My penfriend's name is Jim Taylor. He is from the USA.
There are six people in his family: his mum, dad, their three sons, Peter, Tony and Jim, and a daughter called Beth.
Peter and Tony are elder than Jim. Peter is the eldest,
but Tony is taller than Peter. Tony is two years younger than Peter, though. Beth is as tall as Jim. Beth is lively and cheerful. Mrs Taylor says that her daughter is the most helpful child in the family. Mr Taylor says that she is the noisiest. Jim and Tony go in for sports. They like sport a lot. They never boast about their sports results. Peter is very smart. He is full of ideas. Mr and Mrs Taylor are very proud of him. Both boys are hard-working.



1) b; 2) c; 3) a.

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