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Unit 2 Lesson 3 ex 3



Listen and read. Then, tick the statements А, В or both.
What Do Students Wear?
Different schools in Australia have different school uniforms. These are the photos of Australian schoolchildren in their school uniform.

A. Brett and Dilan: Hi! We are from Australia. We have different school uniforms for the winter months and the warmer spring months. During the winter, the girls wear a navy blue skirt and the boys wear blue trousers. Both boys and girls wear a white shirt and a grey jumper. We must wear a tie and a blazer when we go to and from school. Girls must wear dark-coloured knee socks or woolen tights as part of the winter uniform.
B. Philip and Mark: Our school uniform is very practical and comfortable. During the winter months we wear a navy sweatshirt with a white polo T-shirt. Our trousers are dark blue or black. Our school also has an official school blazer, but it is optional. During the summer, we wear blue shorts and a white polo shirt. My shoes are brown.
1. Our school uniform is practical.
2. We don't have to wear a blazer when we go to school.
3. We wear a T-shirt in the summer.
4. We have different uniforms for a cold and warmer seasons.
5. Shorts are part of our school uniform.
6. Woolen tights are part of the school uniform.



1) b; 2) b; 3) b; 4) a,b; 5) b; 6) a.

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