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Unit 2 Lesson 4 ex 4



Look at the pictures. Say what the people are going to do.
Emma is going to put on her sweater.
• to pull off your sweater / pullover • to pull off your socks • to lace up / unlace your shoes • to put on a sweater / jeans / designer clothes • to zip / unzip a sweater • to fasten / unfasten a belt • to take off a coat • to sew clothes / a button •





1. She is going to zip a sweater. 2. He is going to fasten a belt. 3. She is going to lace up his shoes. 4. He is going to pull oft a sweater. 5. He is going to put on jeans. 6. She is going to take off a coat. 7. He is going to unzip a jacket. 8. She is going to sew a button. 9. She is going to unfasten a bell. 10. He is going to unlace his shoes. 11. She is going to sew up a coat. 12. He is going to pull on his socks.

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