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Unit 2 Lesson 6 ex 1



Listen and read. Find what Maryna and clothes.
Maryna: Hi, Olia!
Olia: Hi! Nice to see you!
Maryna: You too. You look stylish today!
Olia: Thanks. This jacket is new, and these shoes are too.
Maryna: Well, they are really nice. The jacket is in fashion this season. It's great with your blouse.
Olia: Oh, the blouse? It's my granny's present. It's old, but I like it.
Maryna: Cool! I've got a new dress and a new bag.
Olia: You look really nice, and your bag matches your dress.
Maryna: Thanks a lot.
Olia say about each other's
Agree or disagree with the statements.
1. Granny presented Olia with a new jacket.
2. Olia's blouse matches her jacket.
3. Maryna is wearing a nice skirt.
4. Maryna's bag doesn't match her clothes.
5. The children didn't talk about shoes.



1) f; 2) t; 3) f; 4) f; 5) t.

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