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Unit 2 Lesson 7 ex 6



Read the sentences. Write them into your exercise book in the correct order to make a story about Dan.
• In summer I prefer wearing a T-shirt with trousers.
• I never wear jeans or a sweatshirt then.
• In winter I put on a warm sweater, so that I don't catch the flu.
• Every morning I dress up in a white shirt, dark blue trousers and a jacket, a tie and a pair of shoes.
• My mum tells me that it will keep me from catching a cold.
• They help me feel comfortable even while I'm playing football in the heat.
• I love dressing up to my friends' birthday parties!
• This is my school uniform.
• In the rainy season I usually wear a raincoat and rubber boots.



7; 1; 6; 9; 3; 5; 4; 8; 2.

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