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Unit 1 Lesson 2 ex 7



7. Write about your family. Use the questions to help you.
1. How many members are there in your family?
2. Who is the eldest person in it? Who is the youngest?
3. Who is the nicest? Who is the most helpful?
4. How often do you spend time together?


I d like to tell you some words about my family. It's not vory Dig. I have got a mother, a father, an elder brother anc a grandmother. My mother Nadia is a most helpful. She helps all of us. My father Oleh is a bookkeeper. He is very serious. His hobby is football and we often play football in our yard. My grandmother is the oldest in our family. She is very kind and clever. I love her so much! My elder brother is very smart and hardworking. He wants to study at the university and he spends much lime on reading books. I'm the youngest in the 'amily. I'm a joyful and easygoing person. That's why I have many tnends. But my family are my bes: friends. We spend every evening together. We celebrate our birthdays and family holidays and we always help one another.

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