англійська мова Несвіт ГДЗ 5 клас

Unit 2 Lesson 9 ex 4c



Work in two teams.
c) Take turns to choose the words from the list and make sentences. Each correct sentence gets a point. The team with the most points is the winner.



1. Tania has bought a blue blouse. 2. Ben doesn't like to wear a coat in winter 3. Your dress is quite stylish. 4 His jacket matches the shoes. 5. Taras doesn't wear jeans at school. 6. This jumper is too loose. 7. His polo shirt is out of 'ashion. 8. Don doosn't liko to wear pullovers. 9. Mum bought my coloured pyjamas. 10.1 usually wear a scarf in winter. 11. This shirt is too small for him 12. You need to wear shorts because the weather is hot. 13. Your skirt looks untidy. 14. My father always wears suit at work. 15. He oought a new sweater. 16. A sweatshirt is very useful while travelling. 17. This tie matches a shirt. 18. Ben always wears a tracksuit to the gym. 19. His black trousers are too short. 20. This T-shirt is a present from his mother.

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