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Lesson 3


№ 2


Read and match the parts of a sentence.
► What do you do when you're there?




1) c; 2) a; 3) d; 4) b; 5) e.


№ 3


Work in pairs. Read and out the dialogue. Then act out similar dialogues. Use the words from Ex. 1, page 78.
Ann: Are you free this Saturday, Jane?
Jane: Yes, I am.
Ann: Great! Let's do something together! What about going to a museum?
Jane: That's a great idea! Where shall we meet?
Ann: We can meet at my place at 10 o'clock.
Jane: OK. Shall we go to the zoo next Sunday?
Ann: I'm afraid I can't. I'm going to visit my grandparents next Sunday. Besides, I was at the Zoo last week.
Jane: How about going to the circus to watch the new animal
show next Sunday? I've got two tickets.
Ann: Good idea! Yes, I'd love to.




A: Are you free this Sunday?
B: Yes, I am.
A: Great! Let's do something together! What about going to a cinema?
B: Thai sounds great1 Where shall we meet?
A: We can meet near the cinema at 12 o'clock.
B: OK. Shall we go to a circus next Saturday?
A: I'm afraid I can't. I'm going to do to Kyiv with my parents next Saturday.
B: How about going to the Zoo next Sunday? I've got two tickets.
A: Good idea! Yes, I'd love to.


№ 4


Read the invitation and the reply below. Answer the questions.
1. Who writes the invitation? Who writes a reply?
2. Where does the girl invite her friend to go?
3. Has the person accepted the invitation?
4. Where are the girls going to meet?
Dear Kim,
What are you doing on Friday evening? I'm going to the cinema.
Would you like to come, too? Love,
Dear Jane,
Thanks for your invitation. I'd love to come. I'll meet you outside the cinema at 7.00.



1. Jarre writes the invitation Kim writes a reply. 2. The girl invites her friend to go to the cinema. 3. The person accepted the invitation. 4. They are going to moot outside the cinema.


№ 5


You have decided to invite your friend to spend some time together at the weekend. Think and complete the table given below.




Whom to invite: friends.
Where to go: the Zoo.
Where to meet: near the entrance to the Zoo.
What time to meet: at 5 o'clock.


№ 6


Write an invitation. Then write the reply for the invitation you have received. Use Ex. 4, page 79 as an example.



Doar Ann,
I'm glad to invite you to my birthday party. It will take place on Sunday, March 14, at 3.00 pm. I promise much fun, music and sweets. Be dressy.
Love. Kale.
Dear Kate,
Thank you 'or your invitation. I was very hapoy to get it. I'll be on time.
Yours. Ann.

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